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[audio]Djozr - Sad Songs
The dynamics of constantly shifting sound fragments. Pulsating repetition as a means of diving into the essence of an idea. On Sad Songs, hist first album for the Petcord netlabel, Glenn Bryce incorporates Microsound aesthetics, Minimalist music, reverberating drones and cut off clicks in his musical approach. Development takes place as addition and subtraction of acoustic, layers rather than through variations of a musical theme...
Keywords: experimental; microsound; minimalist music; ambient
Downloads: 5,218
[audio]Wacky Southern Current - Ageless Calm in Times of War
Wacky Southern Current is Marco Cervellin from Italy who, with a little help from his friend Gianni Garbo, recorded these songs at a farmer's country house and this calm of the surrounding rural scenery had a lasting effect on the songs. Ageless Calm in Times of War contains references to diverse music genres such as Kraut- and Progressive Rock, post-rock a la Tortoise, but also contemporary ambient sounds...
Keywords: ambient; alternative; post-rock
Downloads: 3,801
[audio]Synflict - Prismatine
Having spent some time creating cover artwork for netlabel artists under the alias Synflict, Marco Cervellin and Olliver Wichmann decided to team up together for creating music together for a change. Initially based on some sound fragments lying around, the tracks quickly evolved to what has finally become Prismatine, their debut release as Synflict. The music features huge contrasts (consonance versus dissonance, attack versus decay) and pauses as a means to interrupt a continious flow and coul...
Keywords: electroacoustic; experimental; abstract
Downloads: 3,238
[audio]Fabio Keiner - Resonant
Resonant, the latest album from Austrian artist Fabio Keiner, is a collection of electroacoustic works that have accumulated over the years. It therefore shows a certain degree of variety in sound, density and complexity, emphasising different timbres, pitches and variations on basic structures. This orchestration without an orchestra is effectfully interspersed with minimalist, almost fragment-like works or low key drones...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; abstract; dark ambient
Downloads: 3,001
[audio]Petcord Volume 1 - The Audio Fringe
After nearly three years of existence the Petcord netlabel celebrates its birthday with a compilation that is supposed to outline the kind of music that can be usually heard on our albums: electroacoustic, dark ambient, drone and otherwise experimental clicks, feedback and crackling tone generators. Whilst the music has the tendency of being gloomy, tension ridden and at times dissonant, there are also some brief moments of peace and relief...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; dark ambient; drone
Downloads: 2,998
[audio]Osoroshisa - Nanimo Nai Wakusei
Nanimo nai wakusei means "empty planets" in Japanese and is an apt description for key elements of Tim Salden's music as Osoroshisa. It reflects the width of uninhabited and lonesome worlds and how time becomes a secondary factor on an empty planet that lacks any point of reference for perceiving its continuous passage. In the broader sense, it may also refer to isolated persons living in a solar system of their own, without a way of taking notice of other worlds apart from theirs and where chai...
Keywords: experimental; drone; dark ambient; abstract
Downloads: 2,780
[audio]Fosel - Octahedron
Since Fosel aka. Kurt Nimmo released his first album on Petcord one year ago, his musical language has become more complex with a higher degree of abstraction. Using both his analogue synthesiser gear and digital software emulations simultaneously, he manages to squeeze out unusual timbres and eerie patches from a remote intergalactic civilisation without repeating himself. Each piece of work is a distinct entity, a crystalline structure with unique shapes and forms and yet representing the remo...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; drone
Downloads: 2,692 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Stig Inge Oy - 39 68 99 09
Stig Inge Oy from Poland incorporates acoustic instruments field recordings and post processed audio signals not commonly associated with music as primary sources for his close-in-the-box electroacoustic music, as he would call it. In the case of 39 68 99 09, the first release for the Petcord netlabel, this equates to tension ridden cinematic soundscapes that confront listeners with gloomy feelings of despair...
Keywords: electroacoustic; experimental; abstract
Downloads: 2,272
[audio]Greg Surges - Solid State
Greg Surges, an US-based composer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in composition and music technology, creates both electroacoustic and contemporary classic works that incorporate improvisations, algorithms, instructions for sound manipulation and open forms with variable passages. An introduction to these concepts provides his first album for the Petcord netlabel, "Solid State" with three works, one of these in two different versions (hence the total of four tracks)...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; abstract; improvisation
Downloads: 2,056
[audio]pc0308-01 Nodepet - Decay
Nodepet's third release Decay presents the paradox of increasing complexity by means of reducing musical themes and a leaner production. Compared to previous works Decay is not a compilation of randomly selected tracks but four related pieces of a whole that provide different perspectives of a common thread. It could be about life or about everything else the listener can associate with it. At first the release starts with friendly ninth chord, but then loses momentum and is swallowed by wave...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; glitch; electroacoustic
Downloads: 2,044
[audio]Fabio Keiner - Slow Movements
At first, Austrian artist Fabio Keiner did not think of creating music himself before VST-synths and software based sound sampling technology became widely available. Encouraged by his music discoveries on the Internet he started experimenting himself, got hooked up and eventually developed an ideosyncratic adaption of generative music with at times gloomy sound characteristics. This originality makes it difficult to categorise Slow Motion (and other works of his): On the surface, there are refe...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; electroacoustic
Downloads: 1,995
[audio]Fosel - The Difference Engine
Acoustic proportions defined by complex logarithms: The Difference Engine derives its name from the first mechanical calculating machine proposed by Charles Babbage in 1822, which can be considered the first computer created by men. Kurt Nimmo, the person behind Fosel, hints at the fact that the music on his latest release is computer-generated, stressing the man versus machine idiom. A monstrous machinery dominates the barely lit, dusty hall with its metallic wheels, columns and sector gears...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; drone
Downloads: 1,993
[audio]Mystified - Dying Star Remix
Apart from writing drone pieces of his own, Mystified, known to some as Thomas Park, has a weakness for deconstructing works he likes and turning them to something new. Thus it comes with little surprise that for his first album on Petcord he picked up several sounds he had borrowed from Celer's Dying Star CD from 2008 (of course with their permission) and created an epic drone piece of it. Dying Star Remix transfers the image of a life in seclusion and there is a lot of tension building up duri...
Keywords: experimental; drone; dark ambient
Downloads: 1,606
[audio]René Muñoz Córdova - La arquitectura sónica de Amacelin & Luyelval
The latest release of Chilean composer René Muñoz Córdova on the Petcord netlabel, la arquitectura sónica de Amacelin & Luyelval, explores opposite approaches to music in two composotions that go by the name Amacelin and Luyelval. The first one, stretching over eight movements, takes a basic set of chopped samples from flute, strings, piaono and guitar and reassembles those in different ways. Reminiscent of classic role models, this could be labelled variations on a timbre, with the main dif...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; abstract; dark ambient
Downloads: 1,480
[audio]Fabio Keiner - Abstract Cello
The latest work from Austrian sound artist Fabio Keiner explores rather dark territories. "Abstract Cello" utilises dense tone clusters of blurry string sounds to expose the listener to feelings of discomfort. Drawn into a cavernous space, structures get lost with increasing distance, leaving only the memories of their origins. The eight parts of the album thoroughly investigate their chromatic movements along the tone scale, hunted by high and lows without reaching any kind of closure...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; drone
Downloads: 1,400
[audio]René Muñoz Córdova - Obras Musicales
René Muñoz Córdova is a Chilean composer currently living in Spain, whose work combines electroacoustic abstraction with isolated elements from more conventional music genres and creates a new context for each. In Obras Musicales, his Petcord debut, deconstruction of organic sound sources contrasts with artificial vocoder and speech synthesis voices, post processed field recordings, feedback, stretched percussions and chopped samples of instruments...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; abstract; dark ambient
Downloads: 1,396
[audio]Night Drone - Drifts 1-4
Night Drone is Steven Deacid from Cologne/Germany, a musician covering a wide range of music in his oeuvre. On Drifts 1-4, his first release on Petcord, he sends the unsuspecting listener to a moonlit trip into soundscapes of deeply saturated tones blending into another. Constantly changing sound characteristics create a cinematic vision of floating associations without a determined plot. The essence of thoughts is expressed by sparsely arranged tunes that exhibit vivid tone paintings of notable...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; glitch
Downloads: 1,374
[audio]Digital Mass - Desolatus Remix
The anonymous collective Digital Mass, known from several Teetrunk releases and currently located in Southeast Europe, have decided to open the gates of the new year on Petcord with a deconstruction of Phillip Wilkerson's original drone. Its original fluffy sounds were subverted by the collective to match their gloomy vision of Old World aesthetics. Digital Mass' approach to structures allows visitors to participate without missing out on something that could exclude them from the journey to the...
Keywords: drone; experimental; dark ambient
Downloads: 1,107
[audio]pc0208-01 Giorgos Stefanou - Internal Sonic Pathway
Internal Sonic Pathway is the programmatic title of Greek composer Giorgos Stefanou's first release for Petcord which features the works HrznHue and Abstract Concrete. At first patches of fog rise to the sky and give way to windchimes like tone collisions. Scenery change, a wide angle, bird's eye-view: unintelligible announcements, humming transformators and a faint melody fighting against resonant overtones underneath...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; glitch; electroacoustic
Downloads: 1,038 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]René Muñoz Córdova - C
The letter C is the third in the Latin alphabet. But it can also be considered a musical note, like the middle C with a frequency of 523.25 Hz. Incidentally, C is the third album of René Muñoz Córdova on Petcord that continues his path to a higher degree of abstraction and differentiation compared to his earlier works. The title's ambiguity and vagueness is reflected in the music with its rather fragile structures and sparse instrumentation...
Keywords: electroacoustic; experimental; abstract
Downloads: 1,020
[audio]Paolino Canzoneri - I Giorni Del Dimagrimento
Paolino Canzoneri from Sicily, Italy combines today's gadgets and digital production at home with the tradition of early electronic music of the late 50ies and 60ies of places like Cologne or Milan to create a digitalised mix of both confusing and intruiging oddities. Generated with Tenori On, Korg Kaos Pad 3 and Cubase 5, analogue bleeps and processing artifacts harshly collide with unexpected silence and pattern shifts on i giorni del dimagrimento, his first work for the Petcord netlabel...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; abstract
Downloads: 1,009
[audio]pc0608-01 Giorgos Stefanou - Travelling in Space-Time
Giorgos Stefanou's Travelling in Space-Time is an imaginary journey to a future form of civilisation, that will eventually overcome today's weaknesses. One may conclude the driving factor for this search could be related to a religious understanding of salvation, an eventual reward for a troubled life, but that seems to run contrary to the gloomy scenery and its lack of euphoria. Instead there is the conscience of one's vulnerable existence, thrown into a rather hostile environment and a lifeles...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; glitch; electroacoustic
Downloads: 975
[audio]pc0408-01 Giorgos Stefanou - Elati
In Elati, Giorgos Stefanou's second release on the Petcord netlabel, polarities between piano and forte, acoustic and electic, distance and proximity are the basis for a contrastive electro-acoustic work. The combination soft blurry tones with sharp percussive accents creates an accidental soundtrack of an internal holiday ressort full of subtile tension, abrasiveness, fragile textures and harsh soundwalls...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; glitch; electroacoustic
Downloads: 950
[audio]pc1207-01 Nodepet - En Fin Terrible
En Fin Terrible - a pun on the French expression "enfant terrible" and the second offering by Nodepet - is a title which no doubt alludes to an aspect of the artists personality. One senses that this reference is not so much self ascribed, but one incurred not only by the often stifling purviews imposed by one's immediate sociomusical associations, but also a personal need to defy imitation and wax lyrical the idiosyncrasies of self expression...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; glitch; electroacoustic
Downloads: 932
[audio]René Muñoz Córdova - Entity
Entity - the notion that all is one and connected to each other. As usual, there are two angles, one that defines the sound events and another focusing on underlying philosophical considerations. Though the female voice in the beginning describes a new existence that will recreate dreams in a new Utopia, René Muñoz Córdova's music seems to impress quite the contrary. Silence has become an increasingly important ingredient and leaves behind thinned out structures outlining the passage of time...
Keywords: electroacoustic; experimental; abstract
Downloads: 897
[audio]Kalte - Fissures
At over six thousand metres below sea level, the Hadopelagic Zone is the deepest layer of the ocean, an area where water pressure is over a hundred times stronger than on the surface and where light cannot penetrate. For their latest album "Fissures", Kalte explore the darkness that permeates this inhospitable space, music inspired by massive pressures and arctic depths, heavy sounds from unknown sources, ominous and dark tones never heard outside of this watery abyss...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; drone
Downloads: 874 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Osoroshisa - Nanseihokuto
Osoroshisa's second release on Petcord, Nanseihokuto (literally southwest northeast, the four wind directions) is meant to celebrate the earth's beauty. But that does not equate to broad daylight and shiny happiness, but the moody shadows that managed to escape the sunbeams instead. Rather slowly the sound evolves around a stretched minor chord, sometimes dissolving at either ends of its spectrum, shrinking and expanding...
Keywords: experimental; drone; abstract; dark ambient
Downloads: 870
[audio]pc0908-01 Nodepet - Frontal Grid
Frontal Grid is the latest electroacoustic work of Nodepet, the anonymous moniker of critically acclaimed composer Olliver Wichmann. Taking his musical achievements to unprecedented levels the four movements gradually progress from concise clarity to blurred haziness, yet maintaining a common thread that ties them together. Pauses and dynamics are strongly accentuated and nicely interact with constantly mutating sequences...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; abstract; glitch; electroacoustic
Downloads: 847
[audio]João Clemente - Moan
Rather dark tones dominate João Clemente's latest work "Moan" that is centred around slowly floating piano chords and uses sound collages as contrasting elements. From white noise to complete silence stretches the dynamic range the composer is utilising to paint his sombre acoustic scenery. Much like the sudden changes between collage and piano parts, the inner world of an isolated individual seems to be contrasted with the perception of a threatening world outside...
Keywords: electroacoustic; experimental; musique concrète, abstract
Downloads: 846 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Anime Hill - Fevered Dreams
The width of northern Canada is home to a musician who goes by the moniker Anime Hill. Who he actually is, nobody knows for sure, because it is his wish to remain anonymous, so he is judged by his music rather than by his (supposedly not exactly unknown) name. In his own words, his album for the Petcord netlabel Fevered Dreams is substantially different from earlier works in that it is not as dark, more experimental and equipped with an ambient look and feel...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; drone
Downloads: 826
[audio]Walter Ehresman - The A.D.G. Project
Walter Ehresman from Austin, TX created the music of The A.D.G. Project for use with an art installation called the Ambient Dream Garden (which also explains the meaning of A.D.G. in the title) at the Burning Man festival in northwestern Nevada. Three long instrumental pieces dominate the album and make prominent use of improvised motifs played on electric bouzouki, sitar and oud. Additionally, by means of heavy digital processing, the original sound signal is transposed to a dense soundscape th...
Keywords: sound installation; improvisation; experimental; dark ambient
Downloads: 816
[audio]Fabio Keiner - Without Words Without Silence
In Fabio Keiner's fourth album for the Petcord netlabel, Without Words Without Silence, eerie overtone voices embedded into dissonant tone clusters create the unreal atmosphere of one's awakening within a dream. Within the prevailing dark and gloomy mood there is considerate variety in sound tanging from dampened voices, resonant drones and strings up to low frequency rumble. A stronger focus was on soundscapes with cinematic qualities, outlining the fear and tension of an unresolved conflict, r...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; drone; electro-acoustic
Downloads: 814
[audio]Electric Landscapes of Rebellion - Electric Landscapes with Pigs & Piano
Electric Landscapes of Rebellion are from Spain and are also known as Campo de Interferencias (interference field). On Electric Landscapes with Pigs & Piano, dynamic contrasts vary from near silence to harsh noise, even the sound characteristics can be anything from muffled low key drones to ear piercing high frequency overtones. As the four pieces evolve, abrasive figures are outlined, practicing the deconstruction of ambience and familiarity...
Keywords: electroacoustic; acousmatic; experimental; improvisation
Downloads: 814
[audio]Matthieu Choux - Deux Pièces
On Deux Pièces, his debut on Petcord, Matthieu Choux demonstrates his notion of electroacoustic composing that is firmly rooted in the French tradition of arts, from the ready-mades of Marcel Duchamp who embedded trivial objects into a new context to Pierre Schaeffer who did the same in the field of acoustics with musique concrète. Yamatsuki Ichiban is inspired by the rhythmic shouting of martial arts whereas Nu Descendent un Escalier is named after the famous painting of Marcel Duchamp...
Keywords: electroacoustic; experimental; acousmatic; abstract
Downloads: 813
[audio]Valerio Orlandini - LentoVeloce Propagare D'Abissi
Valerio Orlandini's first album for the Petcord netlabel, LentoVeloce Propagare D'Abissi, creates a huge cavernous space of eerie drones with a constantly unsettled atmosphere as the tune progresses to the abyss hidden in the grainy dust. A distant machinery of an industrial mindscape, recurring elements see constant transformation without losing momentum in a virtual scenery. The abyss approaches as a silently swallowing black...
Keywords: dark ambient; drone; experimental; industrial
Downloads: 782
[audio]Through A Glass Darkly - Luminal
Through A Glass Darkly's approach to ambient sound is to get started somewhere in the middle and follow spontaneous ideas during their live improvisations, which in a certain way resemble Minimalist music. "Luminal", Darrel Mayers' and Nigel Jacobs' début on the Petcord netlabel, utilises repetition as a means to dive into a hypnotic state of consciousness. As the music progresses, the apparent linearity of time is cancelled and expands to infinity with echoes of staccato guitars creating a pul...
Keywords: experimental; minimalist music; electroacoustic; improvisation
Downloads: 771
[audio]NP - Quinze
A common thread to Philippe Nore's approach to arts is efficiency and conciseness. The French artist not only manages to successfully express his ideas in such a manner, but also to combine those bits and pieces as a whole. His album Quinze (French for Fifteen) contains 15 pieces plus a larger one called X, in order not to interfere with the main sequence. Dominated by rhythms, pulses and sequences are the electroacoustic structures, where squeaking soundwaves, low sinus bass tones and crackling...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; abstract
Downloads: 768
[audio]Jerod Sommerfeldt - Pareidolia
The works of Jerod Sommerfeldt, a composer of acousmatic music teaching at the Miami University of Ohio, on Pareidolia are informed by both the investigation of digital audio artifacts and stochastic processes. Audible results of some signal processes once ripe for deletion - aliased frequencies, quantization noise, speaker clicks - are transformed into the focus of the music. Though sounds and their placement in time are often the result of random procedures, subtle beats and vaguely recognizab...
Keywords: electroacoustic; acousmatic; experimental; computer-music
Downloads: 705
[audio]Ryan Gregory Tallman - Time Lapses Vol. 1
A common thread for Ryan Gregory Tallman's first album for Petcord, Time Lapses Vol. 1 is the transformation of overlapping sounds through cancellation and amplification of frequency ranges and how this process generates constantly moving patterns. Thus what first starts rather unsuspiciously as a static drone turns out to be a detail rich impression of elapsing time at the microscale. Whether there is a beginning or ending does not really seem to matter as the course of time the way we are fami...
Keywords: experimental; drone; abstract
Downloads: 694
[audio]Alphaxone - Portal
Alphaxone is an Iranian project that focus on dark ambient sounds with careful arrangements and distinct dynamics. Portal glows in a gloomy tone with dissonant and dissolving harmonics, but without being overwhelmed and dragged into an abyss of noise. Clearly, IX, the mind behind Alphaxone, strikes a balance between the cause and inspiration and the technical means to expression. Rather unusual for dark ambient, there is a clear architecture, a common thread that unites all parts of the album...
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; abstract
Downloads: 692
[audio]NP - Couleur ASCII
On Philippe Nore's third album for Petcord, Couleur ASCII, there are both manic rhythmic structures of stuttering looping noise and, as a sharp contrast, elegiac drones that dissolve any notion of time. This creates some kind of ambiguity, a swing reaching out to either extreme of the spectrum, sometimes even unexpectedly switching its state during an ongoing exposition. Sufficiently anonymised as hexadecimal entities, each of these titles may represent a colour code with its associated emotiona...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; abstract
Downloads: 645 (1 review)
[audio]João Clemente - Ipupiara
The use of silence is a prominent feature in João Clemente's music. In Ipupiara, it divides his work into small autonomous units analogous to shifting scenes within a film. Another parallel to the world of motion pictures is the way the music evolves: It focuses on combining static elements that add and subtract layers of events and using key elements as a common thread that wander through these single takes...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; musique concrète; improvisation
Downloads: 634 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Sleeping on Lotus Ashes - Crushed Identity
"Crushed Identity", the first album of Canadian sound artist Sebastian Prelar performing as Sleeping on Lotus Ashes for the Petcord netlabel, aptly describes his principle of crushing and transforming soundbits until they acquire a new identity within a new context. Crude fragments of field recordings create a whirlpool of dynamics with little opportunities for a sign of relief, though there is a considerate degree of variation in the pieces: A continuum ranging from chopped up unpredictable sto...
Keywords: electroacoustic; acousmatic; experimental; musique concrète
Downloads: 587 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Fabio Keiner - Departure
As things evolve and people move on, there comes the time to say good-bye and realise that everything we got accustomed to is everything but certain. Departure, a collection of works done within the first half of 2011, summarises Fabio Keiner's achievements of the past years. Drawers like Drone or Dark Ambient only represents half of the equation, as there is also the influence of Eastern philosophy and contemporary classic (A Tribute to Scelsi)...
Keywords: experimental; dark ambient; drone
Downloads: 579
[audio]Kirill Platonkin - Orogenesis
Orogenesis as an album title may invite to speculations about its metaphorical meaning. The formation of mountains, as a barrier separating two formerly connected regions and all of the life within, but Kirill Platonkin's hommage to mother nature may have to be seen differently. Crepuscular rays of the ascending sun floating the misty plain that onfolds before the listener's eye, a truly apt description of the album's opener with its majestic drones floating like wind torn cirrus clouds across t...
Keywords: experimental; drone; dark ambient
Downloads: 568
[audio]Joan Bagés i Rubí - Más De Mil Ojos Nos Vigilan
A thousand eyes were watching when Joan Bagés i Rubí teamed up with Cellist Martín Devoto to create the nucleus of his first Petcord album. Based on live improvisation and acousmatic deconstruction of the recordings, many aspects blended into "Más De Mil Ojos Nos Vigilan". With noisy passages and coarse processing artifacts, the work goes well beyond the possibilities of the Cello's natural timbre...
Keywords: electroacoustic; acousmatic; experimental; improvisation
Downloads: 524
[audio]NP - Nahash
The first 14 letters of the Hebrew alphabet served as naming scheme for Philippe Nore's second work on Petcord, "Nahash". The French sound artist explores a variety of timbres in his electroacoustic miniatures ranging from chopped rhythm fragments to bleak resonant drones, from harsh feedback to gentle analogue warmth. There is a lot of variety in both dynamics and timbres with changes in pitch, textures and tone sequences defining the main characteristics of a track...
Keywords: experimental; electroacoustic; abstract; acousmatic
Downloads: 505 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Ryan Gregory Tallman - Hēmisphairions
Having realised the results of his inspiration, Ryan Gregory Tallman enthusiastically confessed that Hēmisphairions may be the best thing he has ever recorded. Using heavily processed Tibetan singing bowls as the sound source and SuperCollider for processing yields in warm and fuzzy feedback drones. Two pieces, quite distinct in their concept, attempt to sonically articulate and explicate his most vivid memories of his most heightened meditation experiences...
Keywords: experimental; drone; dark ambient
Downloads: 493
[audio]Ziur - Stantia
Stantia's main characteristics are the brevity of gestures and motifs and rather sparse arrangements that live from the transformation of space and dimensions. Using granular synthesis, geometrically shaped structures recurve and branch out to gather for new arrangements whilst never losing the common thread of the initial pattern. Structures are characterised by huge dynamic contrasts, sudden changes in pace alignment, pauses, expansion and contraction and create the paradox of liveliness in el...
Keywords: electroacoustic; experimental; abstract; acousmatic
Downloads: 450
[audio]Gusev K.P. - Vb K.
Gusev K.P. is a musician from Moscow, Russia with an interest in merging styles and experimenting with form aspects. His first album for Petcord which goes by the apt and crispy title "Vb K." presents a constant flow of sketchy motives without a clear beginning or end. Instead, the listener may join in or leave at any given time, since the elements revolve around a common centre. Variations based on random decisions of stochastic processes modify shades and colours, however the basic framework r...
Keywords: experimental; abstract; improvisation; electroacoustic
Downloads: 195
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